Tommy Timmy Queenwill Massager

Tommy Timmy Queenwill Massager


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The Timmy Timmy Queenwill Massager allows you to give your face a professional cleaning in the comfort of your own home.  Get an effective deep clean - stripping away dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, built-up oil, and more.  Our massaging brush will also help your everyday skin-care products absorb better into your skin.

Two Speed Settings

The Queenwill Massager has a high and low speed for different cleaning tasks.  With a push of a button, change between speeds to get the results you're looking for!

Low Speed - use this speed for daily deep-cleaning
High Speed - use this speed for gentle exfoliation

Power/Speed Setting Button:

Press Once: Low Speed
Press Twice: High Speed
Press Again: Tuen off the device

Choice of 3 Different Rotating Brush Heads

Included with your tool are 3 different brushes.  When combined with the rotating head of the tool and 2 different speeds, you'll be able to customize your facial cleansing:

IPX6 Waterproof Design

The Tommy Timmy Queenwill Massager is IPX6 rated.  This means the tool is highly water-resistant - feel free to rinse it off in the faucet or even use it in the shower!  We do not recommend prolonged submersion (like in a bath), though.

Storage Case

We include a compact ABS plastic storage case to store your tool and brush heads.  This makes it easy to take with you wherever you go!

The Tommy Timmy Queenwill Massager is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) - no need to worry about carrying around chargers and cables.

Package Contents:

1 - Tommy Timmy Queenwill Massager Facial Cleansing Device
3 - Different brush heads
1 - Storage Case
1 - User Manual

Product Care:

  • Rinse any brush head that you used thoroughly after each use.
  • If brush head is discolored from makeup, dirt, etc, clean with warm, soapy, water and allow to dry.
  • Clean the base and handle with a slightly damp cloth on a weekly basis

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